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A Star-Studded Week at BUTI.

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The first week of the large programs at BUTI opened with a blast and saw rather star-studded events! Although BUTI observed a full day of classes on Thursday, by early afternoon instruments were set a side for a few hours of well-mannered frivolity. Community Programmer David Heath scheduled Field Day on the Groton lawn to celebrate the Fourth of July. Students got to partake in everything from three-legged races to water balloon tosses before enjoying dinner on the lawn. At nightfall, a projector was set up outdoors for a free screening of Captain America. The movie took a brief pause for a fireworks display courtesy of the Tanglewood grounds. Overall, it was quite the Fourth of July at BUTI. 

Classes resumed yesterday in preparation for a very busy week ahead. Our Vocal and Piano students are already having their first recitals this weekend and three faculty recitals will be hosted later next week. 

Last night was another night of celebration as the Boston Symphony welcomed BUTI to attend their Opening Night a Tanglewood. Joshua Bell, famed violinist, joined the Boston Symphony in their All-Tchaikovsky program. This night is a particularly exciting one because it indicates the beginning of a long line of concerts that all of our students will have access to.  To learn from the very best, by ear and through instruction, is the pinnacle of the BUTI experience.

How truly blessed we all are, to enjoy these quintessential starry nights in the Berkshires. Let’s hope too, that tonight’s performance of Mahler Symphony No. 3, will be equally colored by starry lights.

For those of you who haven’t caught Laura Martin’s Flickr update of Registration Day photos, take a look.( Keep an eye on her page throughout the week as we continue to post updates of recitals and of our Fourth of July festivities.


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The Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) is recognized internationally as the premiere summer training program for aspiring high school-age musicians and is the only program of its kind associated with one of the world’s great symphony orchestras. Under the guidance of distinguished professionals and in the presence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), young people devote themselves to an artistic experience without parallel. The high artistic standards, rich culture of learning, and diverse programs make BUTI a unique opportunity for young artists, a starting point on the path to a future in classical music. While they differ in content and length, all BUTI programs share a common element: excellence. From the moment students step onto the grounds, they are immersed in fine music making. Tanglewood is a magical blend of the formal and informal, of joy and hard work. No one who spends a summer at Tanglewood leaves untouched by the experience. This blog is written and maintained by Chaloe Tyler, Media and Communications Intern at Boston University's Tanglewood Institute.

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  1. very well written!

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